Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Bible - A Scarlet Thread Of Redemption

The Bible is truly a book of redemption, salvation, and deliverance from sin as well as a road to eternal life for mankind. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a book of theology, history, ancient stories, abstract science, anthropology, or cosmogony. Rather, it is the inspirational Word of God on how to live your life which was given to many people throughout history to record for all generations.

In order to comprehend this, you must understand what the word redemption really means. It has a two-fold meaning. First, it refers to redemption as deliverance, and second it also refers to the price paid for that deliverance as a ransom. Hence, a ransom was paid for your deliverance which leads to redemption. So, who paid the ransom: Jesus Christ through HIS blood on the cross? Who creates the opportunity for Sin: Satan? Who succumbs to Sin: Mankind?

Jesus provided the sin offering on the cross to ALL for the forgiveness of your sins (through full immersion baptism) to create a new freedom and relationship with God the Father. This new life of love (from God) comes from the redemption and atonement of Christ's blood.

The entire Bible, whether Old or New Testaments looks at the wonderful redemptive powers and atonement by Jesus Christ. Jesus took man's sinful nature to the cross to fulfill the Law of God. HIS death and sacrifice is accepted as full payment for the debts a sinner owes to God and is FULL payments for man's deliverance!

God's redemptive work is in three parts. First, we receive forgiveness from God through the redemption of Jesus Christ. Second, deliverance provides our justification since this deliverance provides us with a favorable restoration before God. Third, it promises final deliverance from the power of sin.

Now that you understand this, let's look at the Creation and the Fall.

The creation is the most magnificent of all events that we can see. Imagine the beauty of pure perfection with no sin in an unspoiled and tainted world. Then, in the Garden of Eden, Satan deceived Eve by denying the Word of God. As a result, Eve was deceived, Adam chose to follow her Satan's deception and our first parents fell into sin. Both ate fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Instantly their eyes were awakened to their nakedness. They hid from God and tried to cover up (atone) themselves from sin with fig leaves. God saw then and said this will not do. Man cannot cover up and atone for his sin because it cannot be woven by human hands.

So, God slaughtered an innocent animal in the garden to provide coats of skin to cover their shame and nakedness. This is the first recorded sacrifice by the mighty hand of God. After this, Adam knew and understood what is meant to die as he witnessed the gasping and spent life of an innocent animal.

Here is where the concept of atonement and sacrifice begins. It continues throughout the Bible and ends in final glory when we will see the saints (all those who died before us) who have washed their robes and made them white with the blood of the Lamb (Jesus).

Come and join me in the next article which starts in the Garden of Eden on the Seventh Day and continues with the call of Abraham.

May the God of Peace bless and watch over you always!

Live and be the example that God knows you can be!

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