Thursday, May 31, 2012

Home Loans For Those With Bad Credit And Low Income

A low income coupled with a bad credit history does not necessarily make you ineligible for a home loan. After attending to some newly enacted legal legislation and regulations, many traditional financial institutions such as banks and credit unions, and other lenders as well, have been able to increase the number of bad credit and low income home loans to many people.

Steady Employment and Salary Requirements

Most often, because it is indeed a different way of life, loans for folks with bad credit and low incomes are more often used in rural communities. In rural communities incomes are apt to be lower and many folks have not really had an opportunity to establish a credit rating of any kind. So, most often when the terms bad credit are used, it really means no credit history. Loan amounts are based on the salary of individuals and he or she must meet certain income limits and have steady and reliable employment.

Closing Costs and Down Payments

For most low income or bad credit home loan borrowers, the biggest obstacle seems to be coming up with down payments and closing costs. Closing costs are primarily administrative fees that go toward paying for title and deed searches to ensure there are no other owners of the property, as well as for processing documents, transaction fees, and also for legal costs. Down payments are often required to ensure that the borrower has a stake in retaining the property and making payments. They also lower the actual cost of the mortgage. The closing costs are often an amount fixed by the lender and can be rather low. Many lenders do not require a down payment.

Bad Credit and Low Income Home Loans Can Differ

Bad credit and low income home loans can differ in a number of ways. As a rule, the financial circumstances of low income folks seem to be in a constant state of fluctuation. And, the risk of default is inordinately high. In an effort to make financial requirements easier on low income folks and to match their weekly pay days, some lenders have set up recompense terms that offer weekly payments.

Submitting Applications for Low Income Bad Credit Home Loans

Individuals interested in obtaining a bad credit low income home loan, should submit applications that clearly state their financial situation and their needs. Lenders also like to see an explanation for poor or no credit reports. The borrower should be quite explicit as to what happened, or did not happen, to bring their credit scores to the present state. Lenders also want to see a plan for repaying the loan, what sacrifices the borrower might be willing to make to own their own home.

Online Lenders Willing to Make Low Income Bad Credit Home Loans

A good many traditional lenders and non-bank lenders are will to provide home loans to low income poor credit folks. Many will offer low interest rates and will ask for only low down payments, or none. Indeed, some lenders actually specialize in these loans. Interested individuals should go online to avail themselves of lenders willing to finance them. Brokers can take general information and provide a list of lenders willing to finance based on the information given. Low income bad credit home loans are available.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Cash Advance Travel Tips: What Things To Bring When Traveling With A Baby

Traveling with a baby is quite a challenge because you have to lug around larger bags that contain a bunch of baby clothes, diapers, stroller, and whatnot. More, you also need to spend a whole lot of money because you need to stock up more of these things during the trip. You will find it hard to accomplish this without a budget but good thing there's a cash advance payday loan. An emergency cash advance is easy to acquire and you don't even have to worry about having a low credit score.

However, most often than not, when traveling with a baby you tend to over pack and end up buying things you don't really need. As a result, you use up all your cash advance payday loan. Be a frugal traveler despite bringing the baby on the trip. Here are some helpful tips you should keep in mind:

Use heavy-duty diapers. Especially during long flights, don't expect to have the convenience of changing diapers right inside the plane or at the airport lounge. Use those heavy-duty diapers so you don't have to change every so often. You can save more money using this diaper since you will only use a few pieces during the trip.

Use a multifunctional baby carrier. Use a baby-carrier so you don't have to balance your baby in your arms. However, use a carrier that can turn into a mini-crib when putting the baby to sleep at airports and make sure it is foldable to save space. You may need to spend a bit more for this one item but with its various functions, it's a steal.

Travel size baby items. Bring your entire baby's needs in travel sizes and in as fewer pieces as possible. For instance, bring a smaller container of baby wipes, a few pieces of q-tips only, a few pieces of clothing, and so on. Save yourself from the heavy luggage.

Toys and music. Be sure to bring an entertainment for your baby to avoid tantrums and disturbing your fellow passengers. Research the allowable baby toys first before packing.

Breastfeed. There is no doubt whatsoever that breastfeeding can save you thousands of dollars from buying baby formulas. It comes in handy during traveling as well because you don't have to bring bottles of milk with you.

Bringing a baby on a trip is challenging but you can make it as easier and as frugal as possible. Use emergency cash advance for shopping the needed baby items if you lack the budget. A cash advance payday loan is available online and is released 24 hours upon application.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Car Lease Australia - How To Find The Best Car Lease Deals

Do you want a car lease or a car purchase? This is the most important question, which needs answering, once you have decided to have a car. The biggest catch in the car industry is to be at the right place at the right time and get the best bargain. Some of the hottest automobiles are available at fabulously low prices for the right buyer. Try to be selective and trendy. Carry out some research on your own. The most important thing is to understand whether you need to purchase a car or not. If you want a car for keeps, then go for a purchase. If you have decided to keep a car only for a short period then it is better to opt for a car lease.

The first thing you need to understand is exactly what a car lease is. When you lease a car, it does not mean that you own the car. Rather, it is more like renting the car, although there are still many very important differences. For example, you still need to pay for the insurance on the car. This is critical because you need to carry full coverage on the car, including collision insurance, which serves to protect the risk of the owner of the car while you have it out on lease. This insurance is typically more than what you might normally have if you had purchased the car outright, so be sure to figure the cost of insurance into your overall cost of driving the car.

Like in every department of sale and purchase, there are some important details to look out for when you decide to take a car on lease. A car lease allows you to use a car for a given period; you do not become the owner of the automobile. You have to pay regularly for its use and maintain the automobile in top condition. The first thing to do is take a survey of the market and study the position of car loans, new car loan rates, the used car market and its prices. You can make use of the car loan calculator to find out the best choice for you.

Before entering a car lease, check for the upfront payment or down payment, if any. You pay this amount from your pocket as upfront payment when you sign for a car lease and pick up your car. You should think twice before signing a car lease with a down payment, because you forfeit this payment at the end of the lease. Therefore, look for a car lease without any down payment.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

How Unsecured Personal Loans Can Repair Credit Ratings After Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy might seem like the end of the road, but the stigma is not nearly as severe as it once was. In the past, it meant that the chances of getting approval on unsecured personal loans applications were practically nil, while even those lending firms who might be willing to take a chance would still be more likely to say no.

But in the modern world of finance, it is possible to get post-bankruptcy loans to repair credit ratings and begin the rebuilding process to a stronger financial status. In fact, it is that the credit rating improvement is the purpose of the loan that can lead to approval.

Still, there remains an acute risk to lenders that approval unsecured loans after bankruptcy, and for that reason the term can sometimes be debilitating. Higher interest rates may be expected, but with the advent of the internet, and the online lenders that can be found on it, the heavily increased rates do not need to be accepted.

Strategies To Recover After Bankruptcy

While bankruptcy might not be the end of the road, recovering from it does require starting again. This is where a small unsecured personal loan can come in so useful. However a loan is not the only strategy to choose, with low interest credit cards and dedicated saving helping the cause also.

Getting post-bankruptcy loans to repair credit ratings is admirable, but often the starting point is actually in building a savings account. In getting together a lump sum, a lender can see a committed attitude when a loan is finally applied for.

It can also help in securing a low interest secured credit card, with a small credit limit. This is necessary mainly due to the fact that our society is credit card orientated, but by making credit card repayments on time, a history of repayment is built up. So when it comes to applying for unsecured loans after bankruptcy, there is an indication of good financial habits.

Type of Loans Available

Graduating to loan applications is only natural, and the signs of recovery can only be beneficial when seeking a small unsecured personal loan. But there are options that are highly effective in rebuilding credit ratings. Amongst the best are payday loans, which are perfectly suited to the task.

These loans are approved against an upcoming pay check, making employment and income the two issues that really matter in the application. The loan from 0 to ,500 can be secured, making it very attainable, but they are repaid in full anything from 14 days to 30 days later. Interest rates are high, but the sum is small to there is little complaint regarding these post-bankruptcy loans to repair credit ratings.

Crucially, however, each time a payday loan is repaid, even if it is for just 0, it shows on the credit record. It might take some time, but after a series of 5 or 6 payday loans, the credit score will have increased quite considerably. This then augurs well when applying for larger unsecured loans after bankruptcy.

The Online Lenders

Where to go is a major part of the recovery process. Sadly, traditional lending institutions are quite strict about their lending policies so approving unsecured personal loans to an applicant that has been declared bankrupt is quite rare without severe penalties. Online lenders are experts on the area, however, and so offer post-bankruptcy loans to repair credit ratings at far better interest rates and terms.

Getting unsecured loans after bankruptcy is not impossible, but it is a recovery process that cannot be rushed. So, small and simple is the best strategy, eventually guiding the individual to healthier financial situations and qualifying them for larger and better unsecured personal loans.

Difference Between Womens Wallets And Mens Wallets

Today, wallet is something without which we can't imagine going out, no matter it is to office, business tour, or leisure trip. In fact, a wallet is used by all irrespective of their sex, age, and race. Both men and women use wallets to store their cash as well as valuable information such as credit cards, debit cards, social security card, and driver's license. However, just as a man and woman differ in their appearance, attitudes, and needs, men's wallets and women's wallets also differ in terms of their style and appearance.

For instance, women's wallets are relatively big when compared to men's wallets. When a woman holds her wallet either in her hands or places it within her hand bag, a man usually carries his wallet in his front, breast, or back pockets. A woman mostly uses wallets or purses to add to her elegance or to enhance her overall style and appearance. On the other hand, for a man, a wallet is not only a necessity but it also serves as a mirror of his personality. Likewise, in contrast to women who use wallet to solely keep their money or important bills, a man mostly uses wallet to store everything from cash and bills to credit cards, business cards, and official notes. But let it be men's wallet or women's wallet, a wallet definitely reflects your personality. In deed, a variety of wallets are available to choose from for both men and women, according to their style, preference, and budget.

Among the most popular varieties of wallets designed for women are standard wallets, agenda wallets, checkbook wallet, mini card wallets, and wallet on string. For professional or working ladies who want to stay organized via keeping their items such as diaries, notebooks, calculator, calendars, address books, and pens plus cash in an organized way, agenda wallets are the best options. Checkbook wallets that come in the size of a checkbook are also a great alternative for those who want to keep their personal information and cash in an organized way. If you are a credit card or debit card user and you need to carry more than two cards at a time, then card holders with about the size of a debit or credit card serves as an excellent choice. For those looking for something different, try wallets with straps that allow you to carry your wallet across your chest or on the shoulders.

When comes to men's wallets, options are limitless, and they usually differ from women's wallet in terms of its features, appearance, and usages. Some of the most popular forms of men's wallets now available in the market are bifold and trifold wallets, coat wallet, credit card wallet, checkbook wallet, and money clips.

Materials such as leather, canvas, cotton, nylon, and suede are used to design men's and women's wallets. Leather wallets are a much sought after among both men and women. But tastes differ when comes to color. Men mostly prefer to have brown or black wallet. But a woman usually goes for wallets that come in vibrant colors such as bright pink or blue colors.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Safe and Discrete Ways to Buy Sex Toys on the Internet

These days, more and more people are embracing the use of sex toys. However, most of these people are still feel embarrassed to let other individuals know that they purchased or they are going to purchase these toys. Now the Internet has always been a great way to buy sex toys. With proper research, you can find an online sex toys shop that will fully protect your privacy.
But apart from privacy, buying these toys online also poses some threats to buyers. Let's face it, there are hundreds or even thousands of scammers out there; people who will do anything for a quick buck.

For Safe Buying

1. Before trying to make a purchase, try to look for contact numbers or physical address in the site you're checking.
2. Look for testimonials from real customers.
3. Try to look for forums where real customers are talking about authentic places to buy sex toys.
4. See if the site uses SSL Security that encrypts your debit or credit card info.

For Discrete Buying

1. See if the site allows the use of discrete names. One way of protecting your real identity is by using nicknames, this is what you need to look for an online shop if you intend to discretely buy sex toys.
2. The site must offer discrete payment methods. There are many websites who will use discrete names when billing your credit card. For example: the name of the shop is SexToysShop, instead of this name, the name STShop will appear on your credit card bill.
3. See if the site offers discrete packaging and delivery services. These services promise to wrap and deliver your sex toys discretely; even your mailman won't know your package.
This may seem too much work, but if you want to make sure that you and your privacy are both protected, you need to do these. There are many websites out there that will not only provide you with the best and safest ways to buy sex toys; you just have to invest a little time and effort to find them.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sales Tactics To Close Sales On The First Visit

Many salespeople give up as soon as the customer says, "No". Many just aren't prepared with good sales tactics and don't know what to do next. This article discusses four good sales tactics to overcome objections. If you practice them until you are smooth, you will close many more sales.

There are two main reasons objections come up in selling and there are sales tactics you need to successfully deal with them. One reason is a knee-jerk reaction on the part of the customer to realizing the close is imminent. They bring up an objection to slow down the process. These objections are the ones you can get past easily by just acknowledging them and carrying on with the close. Let's assume you are starting to write an order and the customer says, "Hold it, that's a lot of money for a computer system." Some salespeople stop here and leave. Did the customer say he wasn't buying? All he said was it was a lot of money and he is probably right. Try using a sales tactic like, "I understand" or "Yes it is" and keep writing the order. About 40% of the time, the objection won't come up again because it was just a delaying reaction to the close. But, in 60% of the cases, you still have work to do. That's when the following sales tactics can help.

Anything Else?

Before you use any sales tactics other than the bypass explained above, you should always ask if there is anything else. "Other than that, is there anything else preventing you from going ahead now?" Never deal with objections until you know if it is the final objection or just one in a series of objections.

Drop A Name, Add Information

One successful sales tactic is to drop a name for assurance and add information. It's like telling a story. Let's say the objection is a fear that the warranty is reliable. You might say, "You know, that is just what your neighbor Sam Brown wondered about as well. He did have a service problem two weeks ago and he emailed to tell me how pleased he was with our response. I know you will enjoy our warranty and service as well, I'll get the paperwork started." Always end by going right back to the close.

Get Input From The Customer

Another good sales tactic is to get more information from the customer. For example, if the customer says your price is too high, ask them how much they had budgeted for the purchase. Notice this is not asking how much they wanted to spend but how much they had budgeted for the purchase. With that information, you may be able to lower the payments by increasing loan length, you may be able to sell a lower cost model or you may be able to use a "take away' by asking what features they would give up to get the item for that price.

How's That Working For You?

When customers tell you they are staying with what they have now, a good question is "how is that working for you?" If you did a good job asking questions in the interview stage of the sale, you should have got them to tell you what they don't like about what they have and why they are thinking of changing or getting a new one. In the objections stage you use this information to ask how they like what they are doing (or not doing) to solve these issues. For example if they say they are putting off their decision for 6 months, you might say, "You did say your present copier is wasting 0.00 per month compared to our new efficient machine. How do you think putting it off will work out for you?"

There are many sales tactics to handle objections. The important thing is to have several ways ready to handle each objection and to practice, drill and rehearse until you are smooth and confident with your sales rebuttals.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How to Get Through Tax Season Unscathed

If you have filed taxes before, you know that it is not an easy process. Tax season is one big headache for some people.

With the possibility of being audited by the government, it is that much more important to make sure you file your taxes exactly correct. This can cause a great deal of unnecessary stress, and make your spring very unpleasant.

However, it doesn't have to be. If you follow the advice and wisdom of others, you can save yourself from learning things the hard way.

Here are some helpful tips to get you through to April 15th without having a nervous breakdown. The first tip is to maximize your 401(k) deductions.

These deductions will lower your taxable income, and all earnings are tax-deferred until distributions are received after your retirement. If your employer offers a matching contribution, you will have a tax-deferred return on the investment, as well as a reduction of your wages with your W-2.

The money in your 401(k) account is protected by law against creditors, so if you ever had to file bankruptcy for any reason, your money will be safe. Be aware that IRAs do not have this same protection.

Next, convert your non-deductible interest expenses such as interest on credit cards and car loans into deductible home mortgage interest. The interest on your home equity loan is deductible no matter how you used the loan money.

However, if your home equity loan is over 0,000, the deductible interest expense is limited to the interest on the first 0,000 of your loan. Just conduct your own research to see if this would make sense for you to do.

Donate stock instead of cash to your favorite charity. If you have publicly traded stock that has appreciated in value, you can get a charitable deduction for the full value of the donation, without having to pay any capital gain tax.

This only works, however, if you give the stock directly to the charity. Don't try to sell your stock and give the money to charity.

Another rule to note, is that you are allowed to deduct mortgage interest on your primary residence, and one other residence. This means that you could legitimately deduct the loan interest on your RV, camper, or ever your boat.

Your boat or RV can qualify as a resistance as long as they have cooking, sleeping, and toilet facilities. This is a great way to save a few dollars!

If you are getting a divorce, timing the finalization can save you on taxes. If both you and your spouse earn about the same amount of money, getting a divorce before the year ends will save taxes by eliminating the marriage penalty.

If one spouse earns more than the other, waiting until January will save taxes by taking advantage of the marriage bonus for one last year. As long as you are going through the divorce anyways, you may as well benefit from it, right?

Try to invest in growth stocks and growth mutual funds. You will keep your money invested in the market instead of having to use part to pay taxes, if you limit the number of times you sell and reinvest.

Pay careful attention to making sure that your tax return numbers match the 1099s you receive from your broker, employer, or your investment company.

If you are starting your own personal business, an LLC may be the right choice for you. LLCs offer the advantages of limited liability and partnership taxation.

There are many benefits to choosing to operate your business as a C corporation, S corporation, or sole proprietorship, but LLCs are often the best choice. This only applies if you are starting your own business, though.

Lastly, there is a tax advantage to participating in qualified state tuition programs. There are great programs for high-income tax payers and people who want to invest large amount of money for their child or grandchild's education.

State such as New Hampshire and Utah allow residents and nonresidents alive to participate in their program and attend college anywhere in the United States. This will allow you to receive tax benefits even from out of state, while allowing your child or grandchild to attend college in whatever state they want.

As you can see, with a little internet research, there are many ways to find your way through tax season with minimal damage. All you need is a little advice and some creativity.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Weighing The Risk Factors Involved In E-commerce

E-commerce has become one of the hottest trends in the arena of business today. The popularity of online shopping is increasing day by day. But at the same time, the risks involved in the buying and selling online too are increasing. Even though e-commerce has created a whole new world of buying and selling; still neither the buyers nor the sellers are free from the various risks involved in the online business industry.

First of all, as the scope of e-commerce is global, the products and services are sold all over the world through the internet. So chances are quite high of your coming across various international laws that you may not be aware of. Some countries may prohibit the sale of certain kind of products or may have distinctive business laws. Hence, not being aware of various international laws in this case might hamper your online business operations. Besides, the ignorance regarding the domestic business laws that govern the internet commerce could end up in bringing some unforeseen expenses to you.

Secondly, there is a very high risk of defrauded transactions over the internet. There are many online businesses which take the advantage of distance between customers to wrongfully lure them and sending them wrong products. Also, while making payments through credit cards, customers may have to face various security issues in terms of losing their card information as well as finances. However, it is not only the customers; the online vendors are at equal risk of being defrauded while accepting payments through personal checks or money orders. Hence, it is essential to do a thorough research before finalizing your business transactions online.

There also runs the risk of information in the online business. Online information can be damaged, stolen or released with unauthorized access to a website. Plus, there is also a high risk of several copyright infringements in regard of your online information which can prove to be really damaging.

Equally harmful is the technological risk in terms of your website or web business getting affected due to technical errors. There might be attack from computer viruses which can damage your website to a great extent. There might be some negligent errors or omissions in software design which can cause unauthorized access. Or there might be problems arising due to ISP server clashes.

Besides all these risks, e-commerce also has the disadvantage of lack of personal touch and interaction between buyers and sellers. As online business is done with machines and computers, there is no such thing as personalized customer relationships in it.

Although e-commerce development can certainly prove to be an eminent business prospect for both buyers and sellers; all that is needed is a proper understanding of all its pros and cons so as to avoid the various risks involved.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Securing Payday Loans With No Credit Checks Makes A Real Difference

Bad credit is never a good thing, but it not the death-knell to funding so many of us believe it is either. There are loan options available to people with even the worst credit scores. The fact that it is possible to get approval on some loans, like payday loans, with no credit checks ensures this is the case.

Bad credit scores are not debilitating, and actually enjoy only a fraction of the significance traditional lenders would have us believe. Income and a suitably low debt-to-income ratio are far more influential factors, and while guaranteed loan approval never really exists, these loans are the closest to it.

Still, there is no such thing as free money, and there are clear compromises to accept before a payday loan can be secured. They may be the fastest and most accessible route to cash on the market, but they are also the most expensive.

What is a Payday Loan?

Getting a payday loan with no credit check is not the ground-breaking development it might seem. These loans have been available in one form or another for decades, and bad credit scores have never had any significance to them. This is because the loan is granted on the back of an upcoming paycheck.

The biggest advantage is that approval is very easy to attain. It is not exactly guaranteed loan approval, but all that is required is that the monthly income be sufficient to make the repayment in one lump sum. And the fact that credit histories are not checked out means that cash can be secured quickly in times of financial emergency.

However, the loan limit is set at ,500 while the interest rate is very high (sometimes 35%). And since the term can be as short as just 2 weeks, the pressure to repay a payday loan can be extreme.

Why No Credit Check Works

Lenders never turn to bad credit ratings to decide the fate of a loan application. There are more pressing factors, and given that the recent economic developments have left many honest borrowers with poor ratings, they no longer give an accurate indication of the kind of risk involved in any loan deal. So, the approval of payday loans with no credit checks does make sense.

What is more, because these loans are so much more accessible, with practically guaranteed loan approval, a greater volume of loans are granted. So, ignoring credit histories makes good business sense.

With no credit checks, the focus of the approval process is correctly centered on the fairest criteria - income. So, despite the pressures involved in making repayments in such a short period of time, a payday loan is sometimes too good to be ignored by borrowers.

Other Points to Consider

Approval on payday loans with no credit checks rests on the income, not on their credit scores. Normally, debt-to-income ratios, which stipulate that no more than 40% of income be dedicated to repaying debts, would also play a significant part. But since these loans are typically repaid in one lump sum, they have little bearing here.

A practically guaranteed loan approval can be enjoyed if the income is large enough to cover the repayment in one go. For example, a ,500 loan at 35% will require ,025 to clear the debt. This is a large sum to take out of a paycheck, so it is essential that the paycheck is big enough to accommodate it.

However, a payday loan is still the fastest way to emergency funds, making them highly attractive despite the extremely high interest rates charged and the extremely short term of the loan. With that in mind, be sure to check out several options online before agreeing to take out a loan.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

What Can You Find in Freedom Debt Relief Reviews

My cousin Paul almost filed for bankruptcy due to his overwhelming debt problems just a few months back until a random internet search brought him face to face with Freedom Debt Relief reviews. He has been trying to stay afloat in the midst of the deluge of bills he gets each month from his creditors but he is losing the battle for sure.

He has five credit cards and each card has been maxed out. He had even stopped paying for two of them while on the remaining three cards, he is only paying the minimum each month which is not enough as the interests kept adding up and his minimum payments seem to be servicing the interest only. He was barely managing these when suddenly, my aunt, his mother, fell seriously ill and Paul had to foot the medical bills which amounted to ,000. This means he is owing six different creditors up to almost 0,000.

At his wits' end, he was considering bankruptcy when he came across some websites giving reviews of debt management firms and debt settlement firms. While he may have heard of Freedom Debt Relief, it never crossed his mind to check out the services they offered. Like a lot of weary consumers, he was worried about financial scams and firms out to cheat and con unsuspecting consumers with serious financial problems. However, after reading through the reviews on Freedom Debt Relief, Paul is certain that this company is not merely a debt settlement company and is definitely not part of a fraud or scams that have been going around. I had also advised Paul to be extra careful when seeking third party assistance so that he does not get cheated easily. Some unscrupulous firms have been known to target those desperately seeking solutions to their debt problems. Instead of actually helping, these scammers will give all sorts of promises from purportedly helping you to get government debt relief grants to clearing your debts within a year.

That's why it's important to read reviews by consumers instead of only relying on the information provided by these companies. Reviews, opinions and comments on any firm or company will be more valuable coming from someone who has used its services. That's why Paul was suitably impressed by the glowing reviews that Freedom Debt Relief seemed to be getting from consumers. Many of the reviewers had escaped bankruptcy by signing up with Freedom Debt Relief and most of them are clearly satisfied with the firm's customer service and efficiency.

Now, after signing up with Freedom Debt Relief, Paul has started the journey towards paying down his debts. The firm is helping him through debt negotiation with some of his creditors and though it may take a while, he is hopeful of being able to clear up his debts in a shorter period of time compared to taking up a second mortgage to consolidate all of his debts. At the very least, he was not risking losing his home through this method.

Many consumers are unaware that they could try debt negotiation for a debt settlement of part of the amount they owe. If the debt negotiation is successful, it simply means the creditors have agreed to forgive a certain percentage of the debts, maybe 30%, and the debtor need only pay the remaining 70% as settlement of the loan. This is a method worth considering as it means settling some of your debts at a lower price.

So, be like Paul. Read up more about debt relief and the methods to achieve a debt free life. Look for valid reviews and check out Freedom Debt Relief to see if they have a program that suit your needs. After all, it never hurts to check out more firms to resolve your financial problems.

Triveni Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. Complaints

Every homebuyer will have a different set of circumstances, and it is important for the lender to consider those factors. Some homeowners may plan to move in a year or two, and they may be able to benefit from a variable rate mortgage. Others will plan to remain in their home for decades, and those home buyers may benefit from the stability of a fixed rate mortgage and its predictable and stable monthly payment.

Buying a house might be the biggest investment in your life. So you would need to think about the money you will spend before you start looking around. Sometimes it might take more time than you expect to arrange mortgage. Have the budget plan and home loan in place really put you in a strong position that allows you to focus on house inspection without any worry.

It is very easy get excited during the process of buying a home and not think clearly about what you are doing, however it is important that you pay close attention to the process so that you don't make any big mistakes. After all, this is probably the biggest investment you'll make!

Size is another factor when knowing what to look for when you buy your home. If your family is small then a one or two bedroom home will be fine to live in. However, if you plan to have several children, a family member, or several visitors on holidays then you will need a much larger home. The wonderful thing about buying a home is the fact that you can have them the way you need them. Maybe, you need a one bedroom with an office to work. You can buy a two bedroom and turn one room into an office.

Second, avoid any exotic loans or even adjustable rate mortgages for that matter. An adjustable interest rate that is slightly lower may seem quite attractive but keep in mind that nothing is written in stone that it will stay that low. Obtaining a fixed rate mortgage, even if it is somewhat higher, will ensure that mortgage remains the same and helps you to avoid any surprises in the future.

Purchasing a home is no joke. In fact, it is among the most important things that a person will purchase in his lifetime. That is why it is important that you know how to buy one. This involves a complex process, which is why you need the help of a professional. A real estate agent is very helpful especially if it is your first time to purchase a home. See to it that he is a competent agent though.

For Sale By Owner Fact Sheet

If you are thinking of selling your home by for sale by owner method, you need to consider a home brochure. A brochure of fact sheet will help you to increase the potential of your home as the perfect home so that you can attract more and more interested buyers. Usually a fact sheet is placed outside a home, however, you can post it online to catch interests of buyers who want something suitable for their money's worth.

Placing a fact sheet will help you to answer curiosity of prospective buyers such as the total area of the house, number of bedrooms it has, special features and such others.

What information you should place on fact sheet?
Using a fact sheet is an important way to get success in for sale by owner method of home selling. Following important information must be included in your fact sheet to make it attractive for buyers:

Total area of the home in square foot
Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
Brief information about the dimensions of rooms and kitchen
Names of neighboring schools, hospitals, entertainment facility etc
Contact information
Full address of the home
Pictures of the home

Besides above mentioned details, you can add many more things in your fact sheet like recent remodeling details, inclusion of extra addition and about neighboring area. Anything that can make your home more saleable can be included in fact sheet.

Next comes is the presentation of information in fact sheet. Try to present all information in order and in neat manner. It should not look confusing and messy. Make it easy to read and useful. Include all features of your home so as to increase the value of your home. Always use glittery paper to jot down information and use eye-catching language and writing.

Remember, an attractive presentation is the key to invite potential buyers.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Some Interesting Facts On Faxless Payday Loans!

Would you like to find a good solution for all your temporary problems? Make sure that this article is an ideal place to begin. We will tell you all about faxless payday loans and their benefits. So that you will manage to a lot of interesting information and useful tips here. Acting in such a way, you will manage to avoid financial instability in your family budget easily. As a rule all problems usually disappear themselves if the necessary amount is provided instantly. There are no doubts that faxless payday loans can be extremely helpful in the most difficult times. Why wouldn't you try to apply for a loan right now?

It should be emphasized that it is possible to take a lot of advantages from faxless payday loans. We will try the best to describe the most important ones in detail. At first, we would like to tell you that all the necessary transactions are performed securely. Your personal information and other details of your loan will never be disclosed. None excepting you and a lender will know about your borrowing money.

It is not a surprise that offering faxless payday loans lenders can always provide people with urgent financial aid. Thus, this extremely fast and highly effective solution may take a very important place in your family budget. In such a way, submitting an online application now you will have funds deposited directly to your account during the next business day.

More and more people prefer to deal with professional companies like and are very satisfied with experience. We would recommend our readers to consider these guys as a really reliable partner. Such lenders can proudly boast of high level customer service and have established a good reputation among borrowers. The list of advantages includes the following: immediate online approval, 100% secure application, no faxing and credit checks. Making a few clicks of mouse you will manage to receive funds within several minutes. All your financial problems will be solved at once. It should be noted that faxless payday loans are the most flexible, fastest, and easiest way to help you.

Such a solution is available for any person. Everything may be required to do is to fill in the form with the necessary information and submit an online application. It should be pointed out that all borrowers must be at least 18 years old, have a stable monthly income and direct deposit account set up with a local bank.

Applying for faxless payday loans offered by clients have an opportunity to avoid annoying work with papers, faxing, checks, running around, hassle and many other difficulties! The procedure of taking faxless payday loans is significantly simplified! It is possible to perform all the necessary actions even not leaving a house.

Taking into account the current situation and each individual case, lenders can provide you with loans of 0 and 00. Sometimes it is possible to borrow even higher amounts. Payment time and loan amount are the major factors that will determine your fee. Thus, the more money you are borrowing and longer period is the higher fee will be in the end.

Prepare to additional questions about your present work and monthly income. There are also lenders that don't require this information. Thus, providing borrowers with all the necessary details you will have to wait for a loan approval. Faxless payday loans of are approved within hours and afterwards money will be deposited directly to your account.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


What is a chattel mortgage?

A chattel mortgage is a popular form of car financing that allows the borrower to take ownership of the car at the commencement of the chattel mortgage. A chattel mortgage is sometimes referred to as a goods mortgage.

What does chattel mean?

Chattel is any article of movable property, but when it comes to chattel mortgages it is most often a car or other vehicle. Business equipment is also commonly financed with a chattel mortgage.

What are the benefits of a chattel mortgage?

A chattel mortgage offers tax benefits for businesses that use the cash accounting method. The interest rate on a chattel mortgage is fixed so you never need to worry about rate rises. A chattel mortgage is flexible you set your deposit, repayment and balloon payments to suit your cashflow. A chattel mortgage can be repaid before the end of the term. Subject to the lenders' approval, 100% of the purchase price of a car can be financed using a chattel mortgage.

How does a chattel mortgage affect my tax?

If you use the cash accounting method, a chattel mortgage enables you to claim back the GST component. If the car is used for business purposes, interest paid on the chattel mortgage and depreciation can be a tax deduction.

Is a chattel mortgage right for me?

A chattel mortgage may suit you if:

you want to purchase a car primarily for business use your business uses the cash accounting method you are looking for flexible car finance to suit your cashflow.

Do I pay interest on a chattel mortgage?

Yes, the interest rate on a chattel mortgage is fixed, so you know exactly what your repayments will be for the life of the loan.

Can a chattel mortgage have a small or no balloon payment?

The flexibility of a chattel mortgage means you choose whether you want low monthly repayments and a high balloon payment, or higher regular repayments and a low or no balloon payment. This means your chattel mortgage repayments can be tailored to suit your cashflow.

Can I use a chattel mortgage for something other than a new car?

Yes, a chattel mortgage can be used for financing a boat, truck or equipment used primarily for business purposes.

What happens if I miss a repayment on my chattel mortgage?

Because a chattel mortgage is a secured loan, the lender can sell the car to recover the debt. If you are having difficulties making repayments, please contact your lender or 360 Financial as soon as possible to avoid this happening.

How do I apply for a chattel mortgage?

Contact 360 Financial Services or apply online for a chattel mortgage.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Trading Precious Metal - Silver And Gold

Probably you have heard about online trading these two precious metals - gold and silver. The role played by these two precious metals especially gold in the financial market cannot be understated. Besides, they have various significant industry uses. One outstanding feature of these metals is that they are characterised by substantial speculative price gyrations in the financial market.

People are using both gold and silver to trade online for potential gain because of their role in price speculations. Just like the online currency trading, this is done without owning the physical gold or silver. The main advantage is that many people can participate in the trading system. Gold, in particular is considered by most investors to offer substantial protection against the currency fluctuations specifically during economic downturn such as depreciation.

Merits of trading precious metals

1. Protection Against Depreciation

These two precious metals offer significant level of protection against depreciation. In particular, gold acts a strong store of purchasing power. This is what helps it provide protection against depreciation. Currently there is no direct link between gold and major world currency as it was the case long ago. These two precious metals are also highly liquid because they are widely traded across the world. In particular, gold do perform well during the time when the central bank has used certain monetary policies to weaken its currency. In such cases, the amount of currency in circulation can significantly increase but the amount of gold will not be affected.

2. No Liability

Precious metals such as gold and silver are not in any way a liability to an individual, bank, business entity or government. It is possible for government to default is debts while a company or bank becomes bankrupt. In the contrast, precious metal won't be affected in a similar way. The portfolio invested in precious metal like gold and silver will maintain its worth. It is possible for any other types of asset to loss its value to zero but this cannot happen with these precious metals.

3. International Liquidity

The precious metal such as gold and silver offers the best liquidity value internationally. It will be easy for you to sell gold or silver to any part of the world because of its high liquidity. This is because there will be someone willing to buy your precious metal irrespective of your location. Most people are willing to buy precious metal because they don't depreciate in value.

Demerits Of Trading Precious Metals

1. Low Profitability

As compared to currency trading, both gold and silver has low rate of return. This can be explained by the fact that they experience slight price change over time. To make high profits, you must trade these metals for a longer duration.

2. Appreciation Cycles

The only time when both gold and silver appreciate to highest value is during the time when the paper currency has depreciated in value.

3. Price Corrections

Just like any other traded commodities, both gold and silver are subjected to price correction. This is very disadvantageous because the price correction can work against you if you don't your metal for long time.


The two precious metals gold and silver has significant roles in the financial market. The current development in the industry allows people to trade these metals without physically owning them. These precious metals have proved to be very profitable when traded online for the past few decades. Trading gold or silver online is similar to Forex trading. In fact, it is offered mostly by online Forex brokerage companies. Other than the widely known currency, you can choose gold or silver trading and similarly makes loads of profits.

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Avlimil - You Need To See This

Avlimil is known to be a female enhancement product that claims sexual enhancement. With the many products for female sexual enhancement, Avlimil is said to help women who are having problems with their sex life. Most of these women are in their post-menopausal stage and are in search for medical help. With the numerous companies that manufacture female sexual enhancement products, it may be a struggle to find the most effective one.

Nowadays, more and more women are looking for treatments for sexual enhancement due to lack of interest in sex and menopausal problems, which can greatly affect their relationships with their families. The manufacturer of Avlimil claims that the product does not only enhance female libido but it also helps improve the energy levels as well as increase concentration and alertness levels.

If you are experiencing sexual problems, sexual dysfunction treatment is not only the solution you need. Most of the time, this concern is due to hormonal imbalance and other complications. It is essential to address these health-related problems rather than focusing on one treatment product.

Ingredients of Avlimil include phyto-estrogens that help improve female libido and some natural ingredients such as red raspberry, sage leaf, bayberry fruit, isoflavones, damiana leaf, capsicum pepper, locorice root, ginger root, black cohosh root and valeriana. These ingredients are said to be useful in reducing mental stress, improving muscle and nervous function, maintaining healthy levels of estrogen and enhancing blood circulation. These components also help in improving uterine and vaginal health.

Avlimil is a non-prescription drug that can be purchased over the counter or online and must be taken once a day. Though Avlimil is known for its ability to cure certain problems, not everyone can experience the benefits of Avlimil.

According to some Avlimil reviews and customer feedback, the results are below average. A lot of people complain about the manufacturer's poor capability in honoring refunds and support requests of customers. In addition, there are numerous criticisms about the product such as illicit credit card billing, failure to credit refunds and failure to permit customers to cancel shipments.

Though there are women who claim the efficiency of the product, there are people who suffer from different side effects from taking Avlimil, which include stomach upset. Some natural treatments may interact with prescription medication, which may cause the product to act slower or faster than the usual. If you are experiencing low libido, it is more recommended to do some lifestyle modification than to take Avlimil, which may affect your overall health.

A lot of herbal treatments for menopause symptoms usually need at least two months before seeing the results. Most of the time, it takes three months before experiencing the best results and it is necessary to take a natural supplement that is recommended by your doctor. Do not take any medication such as Avlimil without having a thorough checkup from your doctor. It is essential to discard any medical concerns that may need treatment than hormonal replacement. Though many medical experts believe that herbal medications are better than over the counter treatments, Avlimil may still have dangerous side effects especially when used improperly.

Different Types Of Cheap Medical Billing Software

Small physician practices and new medical billing companies concerned with managing costs look for cheap medical billing software. It must capture all details needed for billing and perform the necessary functions. At the same time, the initial purchase price must be under a thousand dollars and ongoing monthly charges should be reasonable.

Office Ally offers free billing software as well as a free online clearinghouse service. The software supports multiple providers in one or more locations and has the ability to generate customized superbills. Setup is free and users receive unlimited phone training on the HIPAA-compliant system. Claims can be submitted via paper or electronically and credit card payment processing is supported.

Collaborate MD offers standard online practice management services starting at 9 per month. The 9 per month program includes patient eligibility, unlimited claims, and unlimited support. Billing services cost nothing for the first tax ID number and for each additional number. Usage fee is per provider and claims cost 25 cents each. The software is easy to use, accommodates an unlimited number of users, provides claim tracking, and there is no contract requirement or setup fee. Optional appointment scheduler software is available for 9.

Tiered pricing is offered for the Web based service for medical billing called Kareo. The most basic service costs , while the most popular option for practice management and medical billing costs 9 per provider per month. This supports an unlimited number of users and unlimited paper and electronic claim forms. There are no upfront costs or contracts required and no cancellation fees are imposed. Patient management, appointment scheduling, daily data backup, and customizable reports are included.

Since both Collaborate MD and Kareo are Web-based, they can be accessed from any Internet-accessible device. Kareo features the ability to export data to common file formats like XLS or CSV and Collaborate includes more than 125 reports. A very economical Web-based alternative for group or individual practices with speech, physical, occupational, and behavioral specialties is My Client Plus. It costs only .95 monthly for unlimited patients and clients plus an additional monthly for unlimited electronic claims billing. Multiple users and office locations, HIPAA compliance, and no transaction, setup, or cancellation fees are just a few of the features.

Total MD is Web-based and includes scheduling, reporting, and medical billing. Pricing starts at monthly for the Essential single user version. This level includes the most important features that medical claims billing software should have. An advanced version costs 8 per month and optional upgrades are available including insurance claims, credit card payment, and employee timekeeping modules and HCPCS, ICD, and CPT codes.

For the most basic cheap medical billing software, consider Speedy Claims, a PC-based file and print application that costs 9. This software is designed for a single PC environment but additional licenses are available for a fee. Data entry is simple and auto complete is available for all fields and settings. Electronic and printed claims are supported and a year of software updates is included.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Difference Between Womens Wallets And Mens Wallets

Today, wallet is something without which we can't imagine going out, no matter it is to office, business tour, or leisure trip. In fact, a wallet is used by all irrespective of their sex, age, and race. Both men and women use wallets to store their cash as well as valuable information such as credit cards, debit cards, social security card, and driver's license. However, just as a man and woman differ in their appearance, attitudes, and needs, men's wallets and women's wallets also differ in terms of their style and appearance.

For instance, women's wallets are relatively big when compared to men's wallets. When a woman holds her wallet either in her hands or places it within her hand bag, a man usually carries his wallet in his front, breast, or back pockets. A woman mostly uses wallets or purses to add to her elegance or to enhance her overall style and appearance. On the other hand, for a man, a wallet is not only a necessity but it also serves as a mirror of his personality. Likewise, in contrast to women who use wallet to solely keep their money or important bills, a man mostly uses wallet to store everything from cash and bills to credit cards, business cards, and official notes. But let it be men's wallet or women's wallet, a wallet definitely reflects your personality. In deed, a variety of wallets are available to choose from for both men and women, according to their style, preference, and budget.

Among the most popular varieties of wallets designed for women are standard wallets, agenda wallets, checkbook wallet, mini card wallets, and wallet on string. For professional or working ladies who want to stay organized via keeping their items such as diaries, notebooks, calculator, calendars, address books, and pens plus cash in an organized way, agenda wallets are the best options. Checkbook wallets that come in the size of a checkbook are also a great alternative for those who want to keep their personal information and cash in an organized way. If you are a credit card or debit card user and you need to carry more than two cards at a time, then card holders with about the size of a debit or credit card serves as an excellent choice. For those looking for something different, try wallets with straps that allow you to carry your wallet across your chest or on the shoulders.

When comes to men's wallets, options are limitless, and they usually differ from women's wallet in terms of its features, appearance, and usages. Some of the most popular forms of men's wallets now available in the market are bifold and trifold wallets, coat wallet, credit card wallet, checkbook wallet, and money clips.

Materials such as leather, canvas, cotton, nylon, and suede are used to design men's and women's wallets. Leather wallets are a much sought after among both men and women. But tastes differ when comes to color. Men mostly prefer to have brown or black wallet. But a woman usually goes for wallets that come in vibrant colors such as bright pink or blue colors.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Post Bankruptcy Time Periods For Auto Loans

Because of the national economy many businesses and individuals are still not capable of operating without some sort of governmental financial assistance. So, the number of folks with poor credit or bankruptcies seeking auto loans are surging like a tsunami. And many lenders have stepped in to fill that need. Time periods for auto loans may mean something to traditional lenders, but not online lenders.

Time Periods after Bankruptcy for Auto Loans

Many folks think that after successfully filing bankruptcy, that they must wait any number of years before applying for any sort of loan, especially a car finance loan. This is not often the case. Because of the number of people who have had to abandon a life fueled by credit cards and other financial debt, many prospective lenders have stepped in to fill the gap. Even bankrupt folks need transportation.

Two to Three Years Could Help

Post-bankruptcy borrowers may be helped by waiting a few years before attempting to land a car loan. During that time they may have to drive around in a clunker, but that will give them a chance to start giving new life to their credit history. Many take out small loans, put the cash in a bank account, and then have automatic payments made to the loan from that account. A number of little loans done this way can sincerely help your credit standing. Meanwhile, cool your need for a spiffy car.

Not an Option

If you rely heavily on a car to get to work or take care of other responsibilities, not having a means of dependable transportation could be a big detriment. So, don't worry about bankruptcy time periods to apply for an auto loan. As noted above, there are plenty of lenders out there to help you finance a vehicle without time periods elapsing.

Go Online

Time periods not withstanding your search for a car loan, your best bet would be to go online. Traditional brick and mortar financial institutions may not be interested in lending to you, but there are those who will. Just understand that with a bankruptcy or a poor credit credit history, you will end up paying higher than usual interest rates. But since so many Americans are having credit problems, and since so many need relief, what with new lenders stepping in to alleviate this problem, you are apt to find a deal that is as good or better than those offered to folks with good credit. So, start shopping.

No Time Periods before Applying

Non-traditional lenders are not too concerned if you had a bankruptcy yesterday or three years ago. The lower your credit scores and the sooner you apply after bankruptcy, will certainly effect the interest rates you are offered. About the only thing you will need is a government I.D., a proof of residency, a proof of salary and time on the job, a social security number and proof of bank accounts

Time Lapses Are Not Necessary for a Bankruptcy Auto Loan

Do not be fooled. A bankruptcy or other credit problems can be very hard on a credit report. That does not necessarily mean you cannot land a bankruptcy car loan. You may have to step back and not look to owning a dream car right after bankruptcy, but given a decent income and other indications of stability, landing a car loan should not be that big of deal. You do not have to wait forever to do it, you do not need to wait a time period after a bankruptcy to get a bankruptcy auto loan.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Defend Yourself: How you can Reply to Payday Loan Collection Phone calls

Defaulting on cash advance payday loans brings one proven outcome: the beginning of collection calls. Almost right away after missing a payment, a debt collector can call to collect the entire balance of your payday loan. If not successful, collectors might use rude tactics that are considered illegal. If you have unpaid payday loan debt, it is important for you know your rights as a consumer to avoid harassment from your borrowers.

A typical strategy used by payday lenders is calling the references you provided when initially acquiring the loan. Unfortunately, this might include your present employer. Understand that a debt collector could only get in touch with your employer for the following reasons: to verify your employment, business location, and whether you have medical insurance to cover a medical bill. Payday loan lenders is also able to contact your employer in order to garnish your wages should you have a judgment entered against you. Whenever a payday lender contacts you for any other reason, then they have crossed the line.

Another well known technique of collection is threatening to arrest you for check fraud. Many are easily intimidated by this threat yet really should not be. In fact, proving that you have committed check fraud is very difficult because a lender must possess evidence that you took out a payday loan without intentions to pay it back. Check fraud is almost impossible to prove, which means you will not get arrested or go to jail for your unpaid debt.

Collectors are also prohibited from using obscene and profane language when collecting your payday loan debt. They also can only call you within reasonable hours, typically between 8:00 am to 9:00 pm. If a collector calls you constantly over a short period of time, this can be considered harassing and you could take action against the debt collector.

If you would like all phone communications to stop, you need to write a Notice to Cease and Desist Communication to your payday lender or collection agency. In this document, states that you do not wish to receive phone calls regarding your debt. Explain that you also cannot be contacted at your place of employment because doing so might jeopardize your job. If you wish to be contacted by mail, request it in this document as well and provide your existing mailing address. To protect yourself, mail the document certified, "return receipt requested" so that you have evidence of its delivery. After attaining your Notice to Cease and Desist Communication letter, the debt collector can get in touch with you one last time. However, a major disadvantage of stopping collection correspondence is that you may be leaving your debtor no other choice but to take you to court for your unpaid loan.

To avoid legal trouble, the best thing you can do is talk to your debtor. Instead of ignoring or hiding from your debt collector, respond to them immediately. Talk about payment alternatives or tell them when you expect to be able to pay the cash advance loan back.

Another choice is to seek a qualified payday loan consolidation company to work on your behalf. Doing so means that instead of contacting you for repayment, your payday loan lenders will work directly with your consolidation firm for negotiations and repayment arrangements. This saves you time and effort that's brought on by collection methods if you were to deal with your cash advance lenders yourself.

Cash advance payday loans can easily trap you in their cycle and once they are able to, it is incredibly hard to get out of. It is important for you to keep in touch with your debtors and create a plan that works for you financially. Most importantly, know your rights and ensure you are protected while you get yourself out of payday loan mess.

Friday, May 4, 2012

10 Tips For Using Gpt Sites

For those of you who plan on using or already use GPT Sites, I've put together some tips to help you start making money and get those offers approved.

1. Clear your Cookies - Make sure cookies are turned on in your browser or your offers will not be approved. Also make sure you clear your cookies often, every 1-3 offers. Cookies are how the sites track what your doing, so the more cookies you have, the harder it will be to approve your completed offer.

2. Free Private Number - When doing offers or surveys you will asked for your phone number. Not all will send you phone calls but some will. If your not on the National Do Not Call Registry, sign up it will stop the calls Or where you can set up a free

3. RoboForm - I recommend downloading RoboForm for doing offers. It auto fills your information on offers for you, and its free.

4. Email addresses - Use separate email addresses for completing offers. Your main with the site itself is fine, But the offers will spam your email. Switching up on a few different emails addresses will also help get offers approved faster.

5. Credit cards - If you choose to participate in a trial offer that uses a credit card, Make sure you end the trial on time to avoid any more charges and if you want to be safe, you can use the prepaid visa cards that you can get at your local store.

6. Information - Always use correct information, With false information some offers wont approve and you could be banned. If your worried about giving your address, i have not received anything in the mail.

7. Duplicate Offers - Make sure you don't do the same offer twice, or do the same offers from different GPT sites. It could get you banned or cause the offer to not approve.

8. Hitting ALT + (the plus sign) to auto select no on offer pages - This is a tip i wish someone told me when i started

9. Surveys - If the GPT site has daily surveys, i recommend doing them. The surveys usually have a higher payout than most offers and only take 1-10 mins depending on the survey.

10. Forums - Most of GPT sites heave there own forum, which there are usually posts about what offers are the fastest to complete and what offers are approving the fastest.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Global Warming By Respected Scientists

The shocking truth about the science of global warming is this: It is not due to hydrocarbon use. Fossil fuels have nothing to do with it, in spite of what the media and a Nobel prize winner, Al Gore, claim.

The BBC and Noel Sheppard's published article on reports this: "American Media are virtually guaranteed to not report: A British court has determined that Al Gore's schlocumentary "An Inconvenient Truth" (video) contains at least eleven material falsehoods."

1. Melting snows are not evidence of global warming
2. The co-relation of CO2 levels in ice samples and global warming is flawed. CO2 lagged 800 to 2000 years behind the warming.
3. Hurricane Katrina had no possible relationship to global warming
4. Drying up of Lake Chad was not related to global warming
5. Polar bears are not drowned because of global warming (a violent storm caused 4 to die)
6. The warming of the gulf stream will not produce an ice age in Europe
7. Coral reef losses and killing of species on them are not due to global warming
8. Greenland is not in eminent danger of flooding due to ice melt
9. Antarctica ice covering is not shrinking. Evidence shows it increasing.
10. Sea levels are not expected to rise over 20 ft in the next 800 years but rather possibly 16 inches
11. Evacuation of the South Sea islanders to New Zealand was not caused by sea level rises

Stay with me and I can show you scientific facts that clearly refute the notion that hydrocarbon fuels...coal, oil, gas...cause global warming.

A firestorm of controversy arose and the United States was shamefully accused of selfish interests when they did not sign the Kyoto Accord. Actually, both the U.S. and Australia were the most significant countries to refuse signing the Accord. Enormous polluters like China and emerging countries were exempted from compliance until they "catch up" with productions.

It is interesting that arguably the greatest polluter on earth is China. It is so bad there that recently a marathoner died and several other runners were hospitalized due to the toxic pollution. Some long distance runners refused to participate in the 2008 Olympics held in China.

What was the Kyoto Accord? It was basically a meeting of world leaders of whom the majority signed an agreement in Japan. The accord said we should limit, reduce, tax and control the use of hydrocarbons worldwide...due to global warming.

The information furnished to leaders was greatly flawed and should be considered "junk science", totally without scientific facts or truth. The discussion and the real reason of warming and cooling of the earth were not even allowed at the conference.

Here are some quotes from International authorities on the subject:

1. Professor Richard Lindzen, Dept. of Meteorology, M.I.T. says the global warming movement is really about getting money. "Funding of from 170 million to 2 billion (2000 million) for climate and climate related issues." (has occurred) Other scientists believe it is purely politicalin order to get fundinga lot of jobs now depend upon the global warming myth.

2. "Anyone who goes around and says that CO2 is responsible for most of the global warming in the 20th century has not looked at the basic numbers."Professor Patrick Michaels, Dept. of Environment Sciences, University of Virginia.

3. "Polar ice caps are always expanding and contracting"Professor Syun-Ichi-AkasofuDirector of International Arctic Research Center. Gore published data on Arctic ice melt. Since the time Gore reported polar ice shrinkage, the polar caps have recovered the lost ice and then some.

4. Two scientists point out flaws about scientists embracing global warming. Professor Paul Reiter, Pasteur Institute, Paris: "The claim of top 1000 or 2000 scientists (endorsing global warming) is wrongif you look at the bibliography of them." Professor Richard Lindzen of M.I.T. says: "to build up to 2,500, they have to be reviewers and government people and so on".

5. The IPCC (the U.N. International Panel on Climate Change) like any U.N. body, is politically driven. The final conclusions are politically driven, the evidence offered was that "a consensus of scientists agreed that planet earth was warming and it was due to the proliferation of hydrocarbons." The perpetrators of this false information claimed that over 600 scientists agreed that the cause was "increased hydrocarbon usage". The scientific facts do not support this.

A piece of information that refutes the whole notion that there was an international consensus of scientists was a survey done by scientist Art Robinson of the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine. He polled and received responses of over 22,000 of the scientists. Twenty two thousand disagreed that the global warming was caused by increased hydrocarbon usage. The more recent tally is over 31,000.

Scientist Art Robinson, at the request of the president, first did a report which was published in the Wall Street Journal. There was such a backlash of protest that he then did the survey of more than 22,000 scientists. President Bush then refused to sign the Kyoto Accord, much to the criticism of other world leaders.

The most high profile person who furnished flawed evidence was Al Gore. Unfortunately few people questioned his reporting, based on the information that he presented. He provided a movie, "An Inconvenient Truth", that "demonstrated" that glaciers were melting so fast that the islanders in the South Pacific were flooded out and had to move to New Zealand.

Here are the facts. In the last 50 years sea levels have risen 3 inches. I cannot imagine any sane person building a home that could be flooded out by only a 3 inch increase of water levels in a 50 year period.

It is true that glaciers in many places are melting. They have been melting for the past 200 years. (Interestingly, they are growing on California's Mt. Shasta) There is no co-relation of increased melt due to hydrocarbon usage. It started over 200 years ago, long before the large increase of hydrocarbon usage of the past 50 to 100 years.

Scientist Art Robinson says people were "lied to". There is recorded a 7 inch average annual shrinkage of glaciers in the past 50 years. This rate is not significantly greater than the previous 150 years. In fact, since Gore's report, the Antarctic polar ice cap has more than recovered.

Al Gore also claimed that the global warming has increased hurricanes...not so according to the U. S. Weather Service records. The records show that basically there is no significant increase in the last 100 to 150 years. Increases and decreases yes, but not a significant trend. Once again Art Robinson says, "a flat out lie".

What then is the cause of global warming? Scientific evidence supports the fact that solar storms are responsible for the earth's temperature changes. The earth waxes and wanes in temperature. One thousand years ago the earth was actually 1 degree warmer than it is now. In George Washington's time it was 1 degree cooler. The average variation over a 3,000 year period is 3 degrees. Over a long period of time there is as much as a 10 degree fluxion in temperatures. Anyone who studies history knows there was a very destructive ice age at one time.

Actually alarmists and nay-sayers who "champion" the environment were successful in stopping construction of nuclear facilities (for power generation) here in the U.S. in the past 30 years. (no new ones developed in 30 years) Japan (the only victim of nuclear bombing) now produces 40% of its power from nuclear plants. France generates over 70% of their power from nuclear. Source: The Oil & Energy Investment Report. (Other reports say 80%. is the figure.) The environmentalists predicted an ice age would again occur due to nuclear proliferation. They have now flip-flopped and claim that global warming will destroy the earth.

Worldwide there are now over 320 nuclear power plants under construction. None are in the U.S.A. China alone has dozens under construction and dozens and dozens more on the drawing board for future construction. Demand for crude oil has skyrocketed throughout the world, while the supply of new crude is diminishing. Worldwide recession has depressed the price of oil but the demand still exceeds supply.

The point is this. The influential media and inaccurate reporting by high profile people scare the populace into believing lies and misrepresentations. Why is this so? It seem clear, it is for perceived economic or political advantage by selfish interests.

The Canadian Minister of Transportation now says that Canada needs to "pull out" of the Kyoto Accord that they signed. He says that in order for Canada to comply it would mean banning all cars and buses from the roads.

It would seem that the U.S. would be even worse off, economically. The typical U.S. urban dweller has multiple cars which would be heavily taxed (if even allowed)... if compliance were made for the Kyoto Accord. It would be disastrous for our civilization in many ways. Do you realize that computers alone use 9% of our electricity? The majority of our electricity comes from hydrocarbons...fossil fuels.

According to Art Robinson the life we live would come to a screeching halt. There would be no travel allowed and there would be a shut down of energy dependent activities...which is almost everything modern.... (assuming the U.S. adopted and complied with the Kyoto Accord)

It is easy to see how modern society would be completely destroyed; plus, this would have little if any effect on global warming. It would not solve the perceived global warming problem. Taxing hydrocarbons would accelerate its demise.

Another flawed premise of global warming was "the huge increase of destructive carbon dioxide". One of the primary increases of CO2 by man is hydrocarbon combustion. According to U.S. Government statistics, atmospheric concentrations of CO2 have risen 36% since 1750. There is no direct co-relation to hydrocarbon combustion and subsequent co-relation to global warming. The industrial revolution, with high hydrocarbon usage, came in the last 100 years...over 150 years after significant CO2 increases were observed. Likewise global temperatures have only increased slightly since 1750.

According to scientist Art Robinson the earth produces 40,000 giga-tons of CO2 per year. (That's 40 million tons per year) Mankind produces only 8 giga-tons per year. While this seems like a huge amount, it is only 0.54% of all atmospheric gasses, a minor atmospheric gas. Scientists tell us ninety five percent of the green house gasses are water vapor.

The one fifth of the earth's CO2... which is that produced by man... is not likely to overwhelm the planet, it has not in the past. In addition to that, the earth needs CO2 because plants use it to produce oxygen. Plants proliferate in a CO2 rich environment because it is their chief raw material. All plants, animals and humans ultimately get their (organic) carbon from CO2.

Dr. Pius Corbyn Climate Forecaster, Weather Action (He instituted a far more accurate weather forecasting paradigm based on sun storms and sun spot changes) Quote: "None of the major climate changes in the past 1000 years can be explained by CO2."

The same conclusion is echoed by Dr. Ian ClarkDept. of Earth Sciences, University of Ottawa: You "cannot say CO2 causes climate changes: it has not in the past."

Carbon dioxide is essential to plants and you ultimately get all of your organic carbon atoms from it. CO2 plus chlorophyll plus sunlight produces oxygen...essential to man. Plants need CO2 and animals and humans consume the plants for food. Increases of carbon dioxide actually increase the growth of oxygen producing plants on the earth.

A major premise for Al Gore's contention that dangerous global warming was occurring proceeded from core ice samples taken from the Artic. They represented hundreds of years by various layers. Entrapped within the ice layers was CO2.

The flaw was this. While CO2 increases were found associated with warming trends, they came after the warming trendas much as 800 to 2000 years later. The CO2 was a result of the warming trend, not the cause of it. CO2 came after the warming occurred.

Indeed as warming of the earth occurs, the sea spews out CO2. (95% of greenhouse gases come in the form of water vapor from the oceans anywayaccording to scientists who research the subject)

Carl Wunsch, oceanographer professor at M.I.T and author of 4 major text books on oceanography explained it: "When you heat the ocean surface it tends to emit CO2when you cool the surface it absorbs CO2."

There were periods in our history when we had three times as much CO2 as we do nowor periods when we had even ten times as much CO2.

"The IPCC (International Panel on Climate Changes) like any U.N. body is politically driven. The final conclusions are politically driven." Professor Philip Stott, Dept. of Biogeography, University of London.

Co-founder of Greenpeace, Patrick Moore, says this: "I don't even like to call it the environmental movement anymore cause really it is a political activist movement. (the environmental movement against global warming) has evolved into the strongest movement there is for preventing development in developing countries."

"Climate scientists need there to be a problem in order to get funding." Dr. Roy Spencer, Weather Satellite Team Leader NASA (space program)

You may be wondering why there can be a 800 year lag before the increased CO2 shows up. It is because of the vast area and enormous depth of the oceans.

Here is a summary of the facts and truth that refutes the lies and misrepresentations about global warming:

* Global warming is not occurring because of hydrocarbon usage. Solar disturbances (sun storms) clearly are related to the changes in global temperatures.
* The earth's temperature has only increased 1 degree in the last 3,000 years.
* The recent temperature increase, and the rate of increase, does not correspond to the increase of hydrocarbon usage. (since 1940, there was a 6 fold increase of hydrocarbons...yet no related increase in global warming)
* The number and quality of hurricanes has not co- related to the increase in global warming.
* Glacial melt does not correspond to hydrocarbon usage.
* Reducing hydrocarbon usage would not stop or change global warming.
* Reducing hydrocarbon usage could destroy our modern society.
* Carbon dioxide produced by man does not destroy our earth, it is not shown to cause global warming.
* The "consensus of 600 scientists" is a fabrication...a lie. This group of 600 was not allowed to comment on the report, nor was discussion at the Kyoto Accord allowed. Some scientists only agreed "that more research was needed" on the subject.
* Over 22,000 scientists agreed that global warming was not caused by hydrocarbon usage.

Don't misunderstand me. I am not against a clean environment but I see no rationale for limiting hydrocarbon usage. What I see as more important is the control of reckless and unnecessary pollution of toxic wastes into the environment. The U.S. is already addressing this problem with stringent regulation in many areas. Polluters like China should be regulated, not exempted. More can be done, but shutting down U.S. factories and stopping electrical generation will not solve the "perceive global warming problem!

Update 2008: In Stephen Leeb's Energy World (an investment newsletter) he reports this: " warming is a hoax. It is simply the biggest farce ever foisted upon mankind in the name of science."

His newsletter goes on to point out that worldwide the winter 2007-2008 was one of the coldest years since records were kept. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, (NOAA), reports that the ice cover shrunk from 5 million square miles in January 2007 to only 1.5 million square miles by October of 2007. In spite of this, it is now almost back to its original size...all within a year.

Did reduction of hydrocarbon usage cause this? No way! According to Dr. Leeb, the 1997 Kyoto Protocol so incensed scientists at the hijack, in the name of science, by Gore and "authoritative sources", that they reacted vehemently". I quote his newsletter again: "To date, 31,072 degreed scientists (9,021 with PhD's) have signed a petition firmly denying the idea of manmade global warming."

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

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