Monday, October 1, 2012

Federal Stimulus Funds To Buy And Fix Up Foreclosed Properties

State and local governments across the nation are gearing up to spend federal stimulus funds. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) birthed the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) that provides federal stimulus dollars to assist neighborhoods hardest hit by the home foreclosure crisis. The NSP falls under the umbrella of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

HUD's intent for the NSP is to provide assistance to more than 500 communities, cities and counties across America in the form of rent relief, for homeless prevention and to assist low-income families to buy homes. Organizations that are eligible for NSP funding are cities, non-profit agencies and housing authorities.

St. Lucie and Martin Counties in Florida hope to receive some .5 million in stimulus dollars. The counties recently applied for the funds through the state's Department of Community Affairs. Both counties intend on buying foreclosed homes, renovating them and selling them to low-income homebuyers. The other initiative for the funding will be to weatherize neighborhood homes.

Fresno County, along with the City of Fresno, has received a total of million in NSP funding to address the abundance of local area foreclosed homes. Officials have already interviewed several developers that will be hired to buy, renovate and sell or rent the homes to low-income families.

Blighted areas will benefit the most from the funds. A byproduct of the dollars will be construction jobs associated with renovating the properties.

Massachusetts may see some activity soon in many of their local cities and neighborhoods, since the state applied for funds in the total of million. Boston Community Capital, alone, applied for million in NSP funds in order to broaden the organization's ability to assist the state's residents who are facing foreclosure on their homes. The group has already committed million in assistance to purchase abandoned property, loan funds to small developers renovating vacant properties and assist struggling homeowners in keeping or buying back their homes.

Connecticut has thrown their hat into the ring for million in NSP dollars, which will target the state's four most hard hit cities. The Connecticut Consortium falls under the state's Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD), and will be responsible for allocating the funds to local communities. Low- to middle-income families will be the primary beneficiaries of the program.

Chicago received .4 million in stimulus funds earlier this year. The city's goal is to reinvest profits made from selling renovated properties back into other foreclosure properties.

Ohio was allocated million NSP dollars to jump start the housing market in blighted neighborhoods. The intent is to allocate the stimulus money quickly, so that communities will be enabled to attack the growing numbers of abandoned and boarded up homes.

Kentucky was awarded million, Evanston, Illinois applied for .4 million and Virginia received million. Brad Pitt even entered the fray with his Make It Right Foundation. If funding is approved, it will benefit New Orleans and a project the group will launch in Newark, NJ. His organization, as part of a consortium of non-profits, is asking for million.

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